El Olentzero arroun the world!!!

Recently I got to know about a beautiful project, which really moved something in me. The real essence of travelling, catching all the human side of it: this is the story of Iñigo, a basque traveller who was working, 4 years ago, as Olentzero in the streets of Bilbao. He realized that many children approached him with letters full of magic wishes and presents they wanted to get. Once, an African child approached him, and asked him to send a letter to his brothers in Senegal. He gave him pictures and an address: in a village called Thies, he would find his brothers three streets away from Moustafá's bakery. This event touched Iñigo so much that he decided to actually go to the village and bring the child's brothers a message: a video message. Now, he travels around the world and brings messages to those families of immigrants who do not have any other way to contact their relatives.
Here you can see some of the videos:

For more information about this wonderful, heart-moving project, you can check this page:


  1. It is such a motivating project! It's amazing the extent of human generosity! It is a different way to help those people without resources. We are use to help people with material things (clothes, food, etc.) and we often forget that we can also help in a sentimental way. What I really like about this project is that it is funded through cowfinding and any anonymous person can collaborate with some money in order to become this idea bigger and bigger.

  2. This project is very beautiful. I admire this person, he dedicates his life to helping and making happy people he does not know. It is a very generous and caring person. I hope this project will make smile and feel good many person.

  3. Tries to touch hearts, has a personalized dimension.
    Tries to raise awareness among a cocktail of positive energies.
    It is a different project.

    1. I agree with you, Ángela, this is a encouraging and different project ;)

  4. This is a other way to be Labordeta but mora as a basque way, I suppose... He reminds me I great truth: the best trips are the trips those that you do without money.

    David Filgueira

  5. Very nice and original project. Connecting people!

  6. This reminds me of the work performed by The Three Wise Men or even Santa Claus. Both of them have an extraordinary role, specially with children since they trigger their imaginations and hopes, which is something really important to continue living happily in this world. It really tuch hearts...


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